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Meet Our Team.

It is people who drive our business growth forward – providing the innovation, inspiration and skills to compete effectively in today’s ever demanding competitive environment.

There are dedicated support teams for internal divisions namely, systems & hardware solutions, networking solutions, software & O/S support, communication & Surveillance, power & Data Centers. 

An excellent dedicated team of technical personnel for field maintenance and software support backs the motto to serve the valued clients to the best. The technical team is equipped with required certification, skillsets and well organized to provide quick, efficient and expert services. 

The technical team consists of engineers having additional certifications from HP, Cisco, Microsoft, APC etc. Regular in-house / institutional training is imparted to update the field engineers of new developments and improve the competence level. This also takes care of the inherent problem faced by the IT industry for manpower turnover, which ensures provision of state-of-the-art services to our valued clients without any interruption.

Paresh Babariya , CEO

“As we navigate the challenges and opportunities in our industry, I want to express my gratitude for your dedication and hard work. Your expertise and commitment are the driving force behind our success. Let's continue to innovate, collaborate, and deliver excellence to our customers."

Mitesh Modi

“Great job on your recent sales achievements! Your hard work and dedication are truly appreciated. Let's keep up the momentum and strive for even greater success ahead. Remember, together we can accomplish anything!"

Ritesh Dalal

"I'm incredibly proud of the innovative campaigns and strategies we've executed lately. Your creativity and dedication are driving our success. Let's continue to push boundaries and create impactful experiences for our audience. Together, we'll achieve remarkable results!"

Vaishali Gaukwad

“Your hard work and commitment to excellence have not gone unnoticed. Thank you for all you do to keep our office running smoothly. Let's continue to collaborate and support each other as we strive for success together.”

Ashvini Bagul

“ Thank you for your unwavering commitment to ensuring client satisfaction and fostering strong relationships. Let's continue to exceed expectations and drive success for both our clients and our company.”

Niketa Patel

“I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your hard work and dedication in managing our accounts. Your attention to detail and commitment to excellence are invaluable to our team. Keep up the fantastic work!”
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